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A Moo-ving Valentines Weekend!

We spent Valentines weekend helping D and JW pick up the newest edition to their growing herd of cattle (is 3 a herd?).   We headed out to Comanche and picked up this little fella, Buddy.  Buddy had a rough start in life, … Continue reading

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Numba 1 Salsa Recipe Just in time for Super Bowl!

The masses have begged and pleaded (well… sort of) so once again I’m posting my recipe for Numba 1 Salsa just in time for Super Bowl weekend.   During high school Teeve was always asked to bring his salsa for any … Continue reading

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15 Top Tips for Visiting the Wizarding World of Harry Potter

Today starts the first day of the Harry Potter Celebration at Universal Studios in Orlando, the only official event that celebrates everything Harry Potter.  Last year we took a quick trip to Universal Studios and it was serendipity that it … Continue reading

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Hey, you’re not Mushu!

Human nature dictates that we put things off until some event occurs that forces you to address the issue or task you’ve been avoiding.  For instance, you know you need new tires, but with your demanding schedule you keep telling yourself … Continue reading

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We shouldn’t have done that!

Discovering the unexpected is why I travel.  Potholes encountered along the way are the things you never would have expected. Teeve and a group of his college friends met us in Santa Fe for a few days of skiing, eating … Continue reading

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Valentines Snowmobiling Adventure in Colorado or The Day I Met My Sweetie

People always ask to hear the story when Sweetie and I met.  This is a long one but has all the elements of a good tale, action, danger, romance and a happy ending.  I was single, in my 20’s and … Continue reading

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Top Tips for Visiting The Wizarding World of Harry Potter

It’s time I come out of the closet and declare that I am a Harry Potter Super-Fan!  I took the How Big Of A Harry Potter Super-Fan Are You Actually? and got 56 out of 100. My results declared: “You’re … Continue reading

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Let a Lady a Show you how to Fish

This weekend we had dinner with Corky and his wife, at a wonderful Greek cafe. The topic of fishing always comes up between Corky and Sweetie.  Both love the water and fishing.  We recalled a deep fishing trip a few years back….. way…way back. … Continue reading

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Numba 1 Salsa Recipe up for 24 Hours Only! You Snooze You Lose!

It’s gone….. you’ll have to subscribe to my blog if you want the recipe.    

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Back in the Saddle Again!

Happy New Year!  I fell off the wagon with writing even though I have ample material to write about.  Ah well, I needed some down time.   I finally got brave enough to step onto the scale after 6 weeks of … Continue reading

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