Back in the Saddle Again!

Happy New Year!  I fell off the wagon with writing even though I have ample material to write about.  Ah well, I needed some down time.  

I finally got brave enough to step onto the scale after 6 weeks of debauchery (testing most of the Pioneer Woman’s holiday recipes and different wines to accompany each dish) and was astonished that I only gained 2 pounds.  Only 2 pounds gained for all those glorious calories!  That  was all I needed to ignite enthusiasm to write again.  It must be all the green tea I’ve added to my diet, or the red wine…

Sweetie had to work throughout the holidays, but we managed to squeeze in some time together.  New Year’s day we  drove to the deer lease for the last weekend of hunting. We pulled into the ranch and were greeted by these cute fellas.


What I thought was aggressive cow behavior, was really just curiosity…. There were about 20 throughout camp eager to find out what we were doing.  After unloading the truck I began to get the grill ready before it got dark.  I set up the grill, went to get the charcoal and found this cutie inspecting the grill!  They didn’t stick around much after discovering what was going on the grill.


JW had been at the ranch a couple of weeks prior and said he saw a mountain lion at one of the stock tanks.  We heard that mountain lions were making a come back in this part of Texas, but to actually see one of these elusive creatures is very rare treat.  Sweetie and I went hiking the next morning, following one of the game trails.  It had rained earlier in the week so there were wildlife tracks everywhere!   A ton of deer and hog tracks, what looked like raccoon or skunk tracks and then near the stock tank… very large paw prints. 


I found what looked like kitty poop along the trail .  Evidently, wild cats do not cover their poop like domestic kitties as a way to mark their territory.   I was very excited on this discovery and it confirmed that JW was not imagining seeing a mountain lion.  That afternoon as Sweetie and I pulled out of the ranch onto the dirt road that leads to the main road, about 15 yards in front of us something very large, dark, and very cat-like ran across the road heading into the ranch.   I cannot say for sure it was a mountain lion, but I feel very confident it was.  What a great start to the New Year… or so I thought.

We were on I-30 heading home and just passed downtown Ft. Worth when Sweetie shouts  ‘oh s*!# we just lost power!’  Our truck died travelling at 70 miles per hour.  He managed to pull safely to the shoulder and immediately checked the gas gauge.  We had a problem with the gas gauge before, but didn’t think we had driven far enough since we last filled up.  None the less the symptoms all pointed to no gas.  Thank goodness for modern technology, using our  smart device we located a gas station 1/2 a mile away.  Sweetie grabbed a gas can and began walking leaving me in the truck. 

I had been sitting in the truck for about 30 minutes when I look up to the side of  road and see this site:


Haaa!  Only in Texas I thought does Roadside assistance come on horse back!  Then here comes Sweetie with the gas can.  Sadly, gas was not the problem.  Sweete is pretty handy when it comes to cars but this was not something he could fix on a Saturday evening on the side of a busy highway.  We ended up having the truck towed to a dealer… 2 days and $700 dollars later Sweetie is back in the saddle again!


Here’s hoping 2016 is filled with adventure near and far and to staying upright in your saddle!

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