Hey, you’re not Mushu!

Human nature dictates that we put things off until some event occurs that forces you to address the issue or task you’ve been avoiding.  For instance, you know you need new tires, but with your demanding schedule you keep telling yourself ‘I can make a few more miles’.  The tires are getting thin, the tread barley exists….’a few more miles… I can make it to work’.  We believe we have the ability to will things to be…. until you have a flat tire and finally you have to make time to change those tires.

Alas, such was the case with me and my ever deteriorating eyes.  I knew it was time to address the problem a few months ago.  Both of my kitties are allowed to go outside during the day, but I bring them in before dark.  This particular evening I brought them both in right before dark.   About an hour later I went outside to get something.  I caught a glimpse of Mushu and thought ‘what is he doing out?  Sweetie must have let him out’.  Hmm… with arms outstretched I walked towards him and began reaching for him…. then froze dead in my tracks.  This was not Mushu.  Mushu does not have a white stripe running down his back.  I slowly backed away and could not believe my narrow escape from what almost was a stinky close encounter.



My eyesight was bad. Not only was I not able to see the big ‘E’ on an eye chart, I had a difficult time seeing at night (obviously), began having double vision, reading was an issue and working on a computer was bothering me. When I traveled, I had to pack 6 different pairs of glasses, 2 different types of contact lenses and all the paraphernalia that go along with contacts.  In this baggage weight restricted era, it seemed that half the weight of my bag was consumed by stuff to be able to see. After the skunk encounter, it was obvious I still was not seeing well even with all the different glasses.

I discovered had cataracts. I thought I was still too young for cataracts but nonetheless the doctor said he could fix my cataracts allowing me to see at night, correct my vision and get me down to just 1 pair of glasses for reading by replacing the lens in my eyes.  HOORAY!


I had both my eyes done a week apart, it was a piece of cake except that I look like I have been in a bar fight and can not wear makeup or lift more than 10 pounds for 3 weeks.   I got the courage to post a picture of me with no makeup and 2 black eyes. 

BlackeyeI am looking forward to being able to snorkel next month with my new eyes.   I’ll no longer have to listen for the Jaws music to know if a shark is coming, I’ll see him coming!






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  1. Linda Bannister says:

    Glad your cataract surgery went so well. That is unusual to need it done so early, but if it helps you see better that is all that matters.

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