A Moo-ving Valentines Weekend!

We spent Valentines weekend helping D and JW pick up the newest edition to their growing herd of cattle (is 3 a herd?).   We headed out to Comanche and picked up this little fella, Buddy.  Buddy had a rough start in life, he was attacked by a mountain lion shortly after he was born and bears the scars to prove it, he is soooo sweet!


Before picking up Buddy, we stopped at Brennan Vineyards in Comanche  to try the Reserve Viognier 2015 that won Best of Class at the  2017 San Francisco Chronicle Wine Competition. I had been wanting to try it ever since I read an article in Dallas News about Texas wines taking 158 medals in this prestigious competition.  Tastings at Brennan Vineyards are $10 but if you buy 2 bottles they’ll waive the fee.   The Viognier was very good and we ended up bringing home 2 bottles for Valentine’s Day.

Me, Sweetie, D and JW wine tasting at Brennan Vineyards

After the vineyard, we stopped at the deer lease to pick up some wood. It was a beautiful day in Texas, and I thought it would be a good idea to explore this old ramshackle of a house.

Me in my get-up


It was no less than 2 minutes that I was warned not to step on a board with nails that you guessed it… I most certainly did.  Friggin nail went right thru my boot!  Of course it was rusty….I’m fairly sure I had a Tetanus shot last year.   Sweetie is not going to be too happy when I tell him and I can just hear JW saying ‘I told you to look out for nails!’

We got Buddy mooo-ved to his new home without further incident, pretty good I’d say since this was the first time any of us did this. He took it all in stride, I know he’ll be very happy in his new home with JW and D.  Happy Valentine’s Day!

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